Last week we got mesmerized by "The Feeling" [LINK] - the first single from Lusty Zanzibar's first full length album. Released Monday, "Find A Way" is a cross-genre adventure that continues to impress after repeated listening. The album effortlessly flows through fresh tracks that showcase Mr. Zanzibar's love making melodies, dirty 80's beats, and master synthesizer work. The smooth and (very) intricate disco pop sounds from London's synthesizer genius are both stimulating and relaxing. Several tracks feature sultry vocals from Muneerah, adding to the Nu Retro flavor. It's obvious that Lusty spent many months lodged in his analogue paradise / studio working to prefect these original tunes... the result is stupendous. 

This guy is straight class and his music has real soul. We asked him a few questions so you can get an idea what Lusty Zanzibar is all about. Read the interview below and scroll down to stream the entire new album. It can be purchased here: [LINK]

First of all, the name. How did you come up with such a cool name, Lusty Zanzibar? 
I am rubbish at coming up with names so it took me a while. I wanted to find something different that would fit my style of music. I was reading about the 70/80's Club called Zanzibar in New jersey and it described the "lusty" people inside, so I put the two together and there you have it. Though people probably think I have a very high sex drive!

What are five words to describe your sound?
deep, complex, electric, uplifting, analogue

"The Feeling" is a beautiful track. Much respect, it was on repeat here for a while. So, what does "the feeling" mean to you?
It's one of those songs that really just fell into place. The basic idea came after watching a football match with an old school friend Jon Barber, who plays guitar on it. We started jamming and in the end it turned out to be song about remembering the good times you have had, its a song that I hope makes people feel good.
What is your favorite piece of hardware to produce with?
It's got to be my Studio Electronics SE-1X which is mainly used for Hip Hop,  the bass sounds are amazing, I love it.

What's the craziest thing you've seen in over 10 years of DJing in London Clubs?
My dancing, sometimes genuis often embarrasing

How has your "sound" changed or morphed over the years? Are there certain things or people that have been influential?
I have been recording for a while so my style has changed with techonology and as I slowly get better at producing. I have always been making house music with a tune , so when "nu-disco" came about,  I think my music fitted perfectly with that genre and that's when Bear funk released "For My Friends". I was/am a bit confused with the term "Nu Disco" so this lead me on to actualy listening to "good" Disco/ Italio so I have been having great fun catching up with that. There are some amazing new artists out there at the moment and a really good community of like minded muscians where ideas are bounced around which is great.
What's your favorite 80's movie?
Hard one, I am going down the sc fi route here, as there are loads of great films Blade Runner, Terminator, Aliens. The Thing. But I think it has to be Escape from New York, It has a great feel to it and fantastic music.

What's your favorite drink? 
Beer, perfect on summers day, actually perfect most days.

What are three tracks that we should be listening to?
The Fields of Dreams by The Project Club,  lovely balearic stuff.
Ashley Beedle's Edit of Pinball, such a great unassuming edit, perfect for a stroll in the sun.
Sorry not a track an Album (and its not out yet), Escorts self titled album, I was luckily enough to be sent a copy, it is truly amazing, the sound, production all great.

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with? Why?
I would love to work with the producer Flood. He created such a great sound for some of my favourite 80's bands and perhaps he could show me what I am really meant to be doing with outboard gear.
We're very excited about your new album, "Find A Way".  What can you tell us about your experience recording it?
95% of the album was recorded on my own except when Muneerah came round to write and sing on some of the album tracks. So I spent many months kind of lost in a world of analogue gear and computers, it was great.  Though it can be frustrating when something doesn't work or breaks and you end up shouting at the cat who isn't very helpful. But when something fits and works just they way you want it to, its makes it all worth it. But I talk to myself a lot more than I used to.
What's in store for the future?
At the moment I am working on a live set and new material is under way. Though this time I am planning to work with other people and hopefully get more remix work as well. Finally, I want to get out there and DJ a bit more I may even dance!

Lusty Zanizbar - Find A Way by nang-records

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