Get pumped... Cadillac's debut EP is legit. Each track is soaked in beach party vibes, guaranteeing a synth ride to disco-pop fantasy land. 

Straight from Future Classic's website: 
"Cadillac is an Australian luxury vehicle marque signed to Future Classic. If you like guitar solos, slow mo piano jams and the sounds of balearic, disco, pop and rock then we might have just the vehicle for you. 

On first inspection of their self titled EP you'll find their guitar and synth beast "Dreams" featuring guest vocals of Wolf & Cub's Joel Byrne, the stadium jammer "Past Midnight", a sexy porn interlude called "Endless Summer", "Blue Skies" and "Make You Fell" - two great tunes for dancing to and the glorious piano outro "High For Me".

This bad boy is available on vinyl as a double 12 inch - a Future Classic first! And also available on digital as a split EP with original and remixes. Come and embark on Cadillac's journey of an endless summer."

You're going to like what you hear, so pre-order the vinyl [LINK] or buy yourself a digital copy [LINK]. If you're broke you can download "High For Me" and the Marcos Cabral remix of "Make You Feel" for free:

Dance till you're sweating pina coladas...

Cadillac - Cadillac (double 12" ) by future classic

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