We introduced you to Venice Beach a couple weeks ago: [LINK].  They're a couple Nu Retro guys that mean business. Open your ears to their new "Reworks EP", dropped a few days ago on Juno

The Juno Review:

"Parisian duo Venice Beach present their debut EP of vintage tinged disco house. Fans of Kitsune will be right at home here, with Italo influenced opener "My Heart" offering a bass arpeggio that Giorgio Moroder would be envious of, with vocoder action to boot. "By My Side" meanwhile combines the titular vocal sample with thumping snares and sweet FM bells, with the occasional guitar lick adding just the right amount of disco groove. On the B-Side, "Mystery" goes in hard with an 80s electro-pop number, with neon chords mingling with a ghetto vocal sample. The EO is rounded off with "Skid", a fine track packed with the kind of melodic prowess that has kept Aeroplane in power for several years. Big tip!"

Purchase these steamers here: [LINK]

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